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D.T III | Design & Photography

For-Profit - High Marketing Package

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$5,500.00 USD
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$5,500.00 USD

Welcome to our premium marketing packages, thoughtfully crafted for small businesses, politicians, for-profit ventures, and nonprofit organizations. Our services are your secret weapon: from capturing memorable moments through event photography to creating captivating visuals with graphic design, and even crafting a distinctive identity through logo design.

Dive into a world of strategic branding and marketing, powered by our expertise in e-commerce and web design. And don't miss the chance to enhance your brand's allure with custom merchandise like trendy t-shirts, cozy hoodies, and personalized mugs.

We're excited to learn more about your unique needs. Reach out to us, and together, we'll create a tailored quote that transforms your vision into reality. Let's embark on this journey to elevate your brand to new heights!


Here's a breakdown of our premium marketing packages, with bronze, silver, and gold pricing tiers:

Bronze Package - $5,500:
- Event Photography: Capturing memorable moments at your events.
- Graphic Design: Creating captivating visuals for your marketing materials.
- Logo Design: Crafting a distinctive identity for your brand.

Silver Package - $7,500:
- All services included in the Bronze Package.
- Strategic Branding: Developing a comprehensive branding strategy for your business or organization.
- Web Design: Expertise in e-commerce and web design to enhance your online presence.

Gold Package - $10,000:
- All services included in the Silver Package.
- Custom Merchandise: Creating personalized merchandise such as trendy t-shirts, cozy hoodies, and personalized mugs to enhance your brand's allure.

The pricing structure is based on the demand for content, the complexity of the services provided, and the level of expertise required to deliver high-quality results. Each package is tailored to meet your unique needs and elevate your brand to new heights!